This season the East Hills Senior Oztag Summer Competition will be starting on the following dates:

Men’s and Women’s – Tuesday nights – commencing 12th September, 2023

Mixed – Wednesday nights – commencing 20th September 2023

@Marco Reserve – Panania to be confirmed by Council.

The competition will be 10 rounds plus Semi Finals and Grand Finals. It will conclude mid- December – weather permitting. An Autumn comp will be offered for February / March 2024.

Registrations will again be online via the SportFix: Go to

If you are organising a team, you are the TEAM DELEGATE – you will need to set up an account with SportFix and ENTER THE TEAM. If you play in a competition and have your own account already you do not need to make another one for yourself.

Once you enter the team – you will be sent a CODE. This code is to be sent to all the players in your team and they will be asked to create an account (or log in to their previous account) and enter the code to JOIN YOUR TEAM.

Registration for this season is $110 PER PLAYER

We have opened registrations now to give teams time to enter. Only teams that have at least 10 players paid in full will be included in the draw. Payments are due by August 31st, 2023

Players can select the PAY NOW or PAY LATER option. They can pay via credit card or Active Kids Voucher. If they chose AK Voucher they can type the details in directly. 2023 Vouchers will be for $50 only – requiring a further credit  card payment for full registration. If using a voucher, you must select PAY NOW only.

There will not be a rego night, however, we will have a night prior to kick off where new players can purchase shorts and tights.

All teams MUST be in uniform with a number on the back – you have 2 months to organise this!

Any questions please contact



DRAWS: Draws will be available via SportFix app first week of September 2023

PAYMENTS: All registration money must be paid when registering.  Players will not be permitted to play without payment.

UNIFORMAll team playing tops must be the same colour. All shirts must have a number. All playing tops must be long enough to be tucked into shorts/tights.

Official Oztag shorts/tights must be worn. No home-made shorts/tights are permitted. NO TAG 20 SHORTS or LEAGUE TAG

Teams have until Rd 2 to do this.

FORFEITS: If your team needs to forfeit a game, please advise the competition coordinator on 0438 755 373 by 3.00pm on game day. If your team fails to do this a $30 forfeit fee will be charged. Teams will not be able to play until this is paid.

Any team that forfeits 2 games without notifying the competition convenor will be expelled from the competition.

LOSS OF WAGES COVER: recommended for tradies or self employed

An additional loss of wages cover is available please visit the Australian Oztag website on  for more info. Or our website

RING INS  No ring ins are permitted – any team who is found to break this rule will automatically forfeit.

Any team found to break this rule will receive (-1) points on the table.

If you suspect a team is playing unregistered players, please inform the CANTEEN immediately and this will be investigated.

If you are playing in more than one team, you must pay $110 registration for each team.


Competition Guidelines

SUMMER– 2023

  1. All players must be registered on the Team Registration list via SPORTSFIX prior to participating in any games.
  2. Player registration fees are non-refundable/non-transferable once they have played 1 game or should they injure themselves whilst playing and not be able to finish the season.
  3. All payments must be finalised by round 3 of the competition. (Teams may be expelled from the Competition if Registration is not paid.) All players prior to taking the field must have paid their $110 rego.
  4. A minimum of 10 players must be REGISTERED for each team.
  5. Sign on sheets must be signed by every player before the game commences each week. Any players that don’t sign on are not covered by insurance. If a minimum of 5 Players don’t sign on your team will forfeit the games.
  6. Players must have signed on for at least 5 Games to qualify to play in Semi and Grand Finals. All players must sign their own signature on the sign on sheets at the canteen each week. Players are not covered by Oztag’s Insurance if they have not signed on for their game/s.
  7. All injuries must be reported on the night of the injury. If Injuries are not reported claims may be declined.
  8. Any shorts or tights that are worn must be the Official Oztag garments (no home made shorts or tights). Players are not allowed to take the field if regulation shorts or tights are not worn. No TAG 20 SHORTS.
  9. Only registered players in your team can take the field. NO RING IN  players allowed.- Your team will forfeit if you play unregistered players. RANDOM CHECKS WILL OCCUR EACH WEEK. Your team will receive -1 points. Serial offenders will be removed from the competition.
  10. TEAMS CANNOT HAVE PLAYERS “FILL IN” FROM OTHER TEAMS. Only players registered in your team can play.
  11.  Please ensure you sign on each week before you play to ensure   insurance cover.
  12. In the event of wet weather please contact 0438 755 373 or visit the website after 3.00pm to see if games are being played. If there has been rain prior to the competition night it is advised to double check as the fields may still be closed. If games are cancelled please follow your draw as per dates for the next week. East Hills Oztag Association has no control over the weather or the closure of the fields by council due to wet weather. Decisions made to cancel games when grounds are open are made with player safety considered. Refunds will not be given for loss of any games due to cancellations. Delegates will be notified if any catch up games are scheduled.
  13. Prescription only sunglasses are permitted to be worn whilst playing. All playing caps must be “soft” brimmed.
  14. If the game is called off by the referee, the team at fault will not receive points for a win, draw or loss no matter what the current score is or how long to go in the game. They will also receive no for and against. The team not at fault will receive 3 points for a win and 5 – 0 against. If both teams are at fault the score on the card will stand.
  15. Teams must have 5 registered players for a competition game to commence. Teams have five minutes from the time the hooter is blown for players to be ready to play before a forfeit is called. No financial penalty will apply.
  16. Players are not permitted to consume drugs/alcohol at the grounds before their game. Any player we believe is affected by drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to take the field.
  17. There will be no talking to the referee at all unless you are the captain. This includes sledging of the opposition or of your own team members. This is a major offence and may result in a player or team being sent off or banned from the competition. This also includes your supporters who can be sent from the playing fields and banned from attending further games. Teams may also be expelled should spectators enter the field of play. Any player sent from the field will have an automatic 2 week suspension unless over ruled by the competition convenor. Send offs for fighting or abuse of a referee may receive a greater penalty. It is our discretion if a player must face the judiciary; they are not permitted to play until this is done.
  18. If a player is found to have thrown a punch they will be suspended for the remainder of the season. This may be further extended on review.  Registration money will not be refunded if a player is suspended or ejected from the competition.
  19. All teams must be playing in identical coloured shirts by Rnd 4. Numbers must also be visible on the back or sleeve of these shirts. All playing tops must be long enough to be tucked in.
  20. If a player out of uniform after rd 4 scores – the “try” will not count towards the final score.
  21. No football boots with screw in studs (metal, nylon or spikes) are permitted.
  22. All caps/peaks must be “soft brimmed” – if not they are to be worn backwards.
  23. If your team needs to forfeit a game Please advise the CONVENOR  before 3pm. Teams that fail to advise  prior to 3pm will incur a $30 FORFEIT FEE and be deducted 1 competition point. Teams are not permitted to play until this fee has been paid. Any teams  that forfeit 2 games without notifying the convenor will be expelled from the competition. NO REFUNDS.
  24. Changes may occur during the competition. Please check the SPORTSFIX APP the day prior to your game to confirm game times.
  25. Some teams may be re graded after Rnd 4  at the discretion of the Competition Co-ordinator.
  26. All players must be at least 15yrs old to play in the Adult Competition
  27.  Age divisions will only proceed if there are enough teams for the comp – if not, they will be placed in normal grades.

CONVENOR Karen Smith 0438755373